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Thomas Regin delivers music in most any style and format for your video game, TV-commercial, radio-spot, presentation or writes your artist's next hit song.


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Testimonials / Reviews

"A true highlight is that of Thomas Regin contributed soundtrack in the game total of 19 different titles."
From Adventures United review of Blackwell Convergence in German.

 "Thomas quickly understood our project and goals and delivered breathtaking, original music of very high quality that immediately swept us away. In all aspects a professional composer whom we look forward to hiring again."
Claus Topholt, CEO, Funky Bee Games A/S

 "By far the most impressive aspect of the audio is the soundtrack. Thomas Regin provides a melancholy jazz score that is a pleasure to listen to on its own, and never intrudes on the other aspects of the game. The background tracks complement their respective scenes seamlessly, and the game happily provides several opportunities for musical numbers to take center stage [...] this is unquestionably a first rate soundtrack."
Adventuregamers.com review of Blackwell Unbound.