Music style

Thomas Regin delivers music in most any style and format for your video game, TV-commercial, radio-spot, presentation or writes your artist's next hit song.


Member of:


Pianoteq Pianos
Pianoteq has set a new standard for virtual pianos. In fact the Pianoteq pianos are some of the most usable virtual instruments ever created.

PlayFirst Inc.
Critically acclaimed game publisher.

Wadjet Eye Games
Independent game developer responsible for highly popular titles such as The Shivah and The Blackwell Series.

Casual Game Systems A/S
Hip, new game developer focusing primarily on the casual game market.

Mean Hamster Software Inc.
Award-winning game developer that specializes in casual games and games for pocket devices.

Maria Montell
Danish singer and superstar responsible for undying hits like And So The Story Goes.

Garritan's Personal Orchestra
One of the pioneers of modern sample technology. Garritan's Personal Orchestra was one of the first and best collections of sampled full orchestras.

San Francisco based sound studio that specializes in audio-production for video games and media.