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Thomas Regin delivers music in most any style and format for your video game, TV-commercial, radio-spot, presentation or writes your artist's next hit song.


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I'm currently updating the site and moving all music from the former popup-window to this page. This hopefully gives the visitor (you) a better overview and allows me to write more thorough descriptions to each song. Click on the song's title for more information and bonus material like videos and sheet music where available.

Loop = Loops are songs that are intended to start over and repeat indefinitely. These songs will stop very abruptly because the online player does not support this. 


Listen Title Description

http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/demoreel09.mp3 Demoreel 2009 The talented Nonie Craige guides you through my latest demoreel.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/The_New_Worlds_Adventure.mp3 The New Worlds Adventure Light-hearted, TinTin-ish adventure with a romantic touch.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/The_Journey_Begins_160kbps.mp3 The Journey Begins A powerful, cinematic journey. If you want to record the vocals, please contact me.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Spooky_Castle.mp3 The Spooky Castle Traditional adventure/horror/suspense music.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/RC2_End_Credits.mp3 Piratey End Credits Theme Laid back, fun and catchy end credits theme with a strong island/Caribbean  touch.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/The_Curious_Young_Pirate.mp3 The Curious Young Pirate A tune about a young, curious, courageous yet slightly naïve pirate.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Heroes_In_The_Sky_Fanfare.mp3 Heroes In The Sky Fanfare (Loop) Huge orchestral fanfare. Theme song for the addictive Altitude Game.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Mainstream_Ethnic.mp3 Mainstream Ethnic Easy listening with an ethnic touch
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Menu_Theme_For_secret.mp3 Emerald City Confidential - Main Menu Theme Take an adventurous journey to the magical land of Oz.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Dave/Convergence/Convergence_Intro9_3.mp3< /span> The Blackwell Convergence - Old main theme The original pop-orchestral Convergence theme.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Conv_Main_Theme1_5.mp3 The Blackwell Convergence - New main theme The new Convergence main theme.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Minetta.mp3 The Minetta (Loop) One of my favorite tunes from The Blackwell Convergence. Sheet music available.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/FI_Piratey1.mp3 Pirate Adventure (Excerpt) Ohoy, mateys. Here's a fast-paced action cue that's sure to rock your boat!
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Adventurous1.mp3 Melancholy Adventure (Excerpt) A melancholy, adventurous cue from Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Western1_2_Master.mp3 Hoedown (Loop) Yeehhaaaw.. A funny Western-cue from the upcoming Funky Bee Universe.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/Royal_Garden1.mp3 The Royal Garden (Loop) Asian inspired piece with new age elements.
http://www.thomas-regin.com/files1/The_Sultry_Trombone.mp3 The Sultry Trombone A short and sultry but comical/whimsical cue with a cool trombone-melody.