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Thomas Regin delivers music in most any style and format for your video game, TV-commercial, radio-spot, presentation or writes your artist's next hit song.


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Various upcoming titles - Published by PlayFirst, iWin, Big Fish Games and many more. More info soon.*

Aurora Feint 3 - Published by Apple Inc.*

The Dream Voyagers (All music except main theme) - Published by Gamehouse.*

Love & Death: Bitten - Published by PlayFirst.*


Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season - Published by Playfirst Inc.*

Murder She Wrote - Published by Big Fish Games.*

Altitude Game (Theme music only) - Published by Nimbly Games.*

Gemini Lost - Published by PlayFirst Inc.*

Passport to Perfume  - Mean Hamster Software. Published by PlayFirst.

The Blackwell Convergence - Wadjet Eye Games.

Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! - Published by PlayFirst.*

Funky Bee Experience - Funky Bee Games.

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart - Published by iWin.*

Emerald City Confidential  - Wadjet Eye Games. Published by Playfirst Inc.

Armor Wars - Diffusion Games



Blackwell Unbound
- Wadjet Eye Games

* = for SomaTone Interactive Audio