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Thomas Regin delivers music in most any style and format for your video game, TV-commercial, radio-spot, presentation or writes your artist's next hit song.


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About Thomas Regin
Thomas Regin was born in 1976 in Elsinore, Denmark. At age 10 he began playing the piano and one year later he played his first public concert.

At age 16 he was accepted to Skt. Annæ Gymnasium, the leading music high school in Denmark where he took music theory at the highest level. He studied piano with Swedish concert pianist Eva Sørensen while attending several master classes with among others Professor Peter Feuchtwanger, who was one of the first to really discover Thomas' talent for writing melodies.

During high school, in 1993, Thomas travelled to France with his band and played one of his songs on the French TV-channel France 3.

After high school Thomas worked as a Ballet Pianist at the School of Modern Dancing improvising piano-accompainments for the dance students. At the same time he played keyboards and sang in a "wedding-band" called Heaven - which is still one of the most successful bands in Denmark in its genre. Thomas left the band after about one year to pursue his dream of becoming a songwriter.

He has attended several songwriting master classes as well as participated in numerous songwriting contests around the world. His song Always had enourmous success on the former mp3.com with nearly 2 million downloads. He recently achieved an honourary mention award for his song "Take Me Home" in one of the world's largest songwriting contests, Unisong.

Thomas is married and has 2 little girls.